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1947 Ford 'Patina' Rat Rod F-100 Pickup

You are looking at a "Work of Art". It may look like a rusty hulk but, it was carefully created to mock the polished, "Number's Matching" Showcars, and the 'politics'(?)that sometimes surround the judging... it may not be the car for you but, Patina Rods are becoming the rage ~ and it all started in California.

We have found this car gets more 'attention' from the crowds than ANY Show Car we have ever owned/showed.

This DERELICT Rod is an original example of an original, (titled) 1947 Ford Pickup transformed into a "Rusty Gold" Antique.... Customized and mounted on a modern drive train so, it features the Best of Both Worlds. This is a First Cabin Build , essentially a 'new' Truck with an Old Body. The entire frame has been custom built, just like a race car, from 4x2 square tubing by professionals. It is fitted with a fresh 350 Chevy 4 bolt-main & Competition 202 Heads with just 3,060 miles/Thumper Cam,  Edelbrock Manifold and 500cfm Carb (resulting in 350hp), Header Caps w/ Full Muffler System, now featuring a Jack Daniels Overflow Bottle, Fresh 250c (350) Automatic Transmission with Lokar Floor Shift / E-Brake, Aluminum Radiator with Rusted Chrome Improved Shroud, All New Front End w/ 4-whl. Power Disc Brakes, Adjustable Rear Air-Ride Suspension with onboard compressor, and it carries a S-10 Rear Diff.   The top has been chopped 4" / body channeled and is fitted with a Vintage Fulton "Sun Shield" Visor. Incredibly, many of these in bargain-basement-form do not even have a Full Light Package. This Rod has working Headlights (Hi/Lo Beam), manual Signal Lights, 3rd Brake Light,  original Glass & Chrome Cab Lights and even Dome Lights. Plus, a full set of Gauges to include; Speedo, Tachometer, Fuel, Oil and Temp + Vacuum Windshield Wipers. Wide Whitewall Tires are by Coker. Seats are mint, fully padded and covered in Truck Grade Vinyl , Optional items like the Bandolier & 1850 Colt Pistola*, Real Monkey Skull* & "Rust In Peace" Nameplate* are most likley not included... while the Steering Wheel is retained as the original Ford unit. We have also added a Vintage Ford Truck Dash Emblem, "V8" on the Air Tank, Real Mink Mascot* and a wealth of "Rusty Gold" items like Vintage Wood Prohibition Beer Box*, Old Liquor Barrel*, Vintage Oil Dispenser Can, Galvanized Moonshine Tub, 40's Accessory Ashtray w/ Motel Matches* and More which can or cannot be sold with this display.  It does carry a Show Card for Car Shows. Please note: this was not thrown together in a backyard, it is not a Childish-Looking, Box of Bolts covered with Gothic Dragons 'n Spears & a crying Little Boy Doll leaning on the front fender- it IS a very safe, professionally built Rod that has passed a 23 point NSRA Inspection (w/ Safety Certificate). The ALL-Henry-Steel body comes from a gas station and saw life as an original,' real' Service Truck.  $37,500  


There's a recent outgrowth of something totally different on the Street Rod Scene and it recalls memories of Greaser's  or James Dean-types in the 40's, 50's and even Sixties. Most of us, on a budget would seek-out old garages, alleyways and out-buildings looking for that rare 'barn find'. Once discovered; you scraped together the money, and built (over time) your own personal hot rod. Lacking budget, you mounted Used Parts and even old Mexican Blankets for Seat Covers. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and Treasure's, like this old derelict,  are unmolested, un-restored, un-finished cars & trucks that suffered the vestiges of time but, carry so much original patina that they have become Works of Art. Today, some are created  but,  the true extrinsic value lies in bone-ass Original's, despite the fact they are indeed 'twisted'. Any true Antique Professional will tell you, "leave it alone- don't restore it (the value is diminished!)". Some cable shows call it "Rusty Gold".  Evidence: Just watch the appraisal's on cable TV Shows, like "American Pickers", "Storage Wars", "American Restorations" or "Pawn Stars". They all chime into the same story.

For Centuries Street Rods were formally 'transformed' into slick Hot Rods with mega motors and flashy paint jobs. But, the fad for that has lost some of it's bloom. In fact, it was out of necessity that the major paint companies have evolved into producing professional Flat Finish Colored Paints. Maybe it's the influence of Bikers, "Rockbilly", the younger "Punk" Generation, "Gothics' or, even the "Psychobilly" Movement but, more and more of these are surfacing.

Now, the art of making a Sow's Ear into a Silk Purse has been twisted, demented & redirected even further to include & appreciate the initial discovery for what it was, not what it could be. "Barn Cars" and "Barn Finds" are emerging all over America as the new, 'hot' collectible, especially for Recession Budgets. We even sold a 48,000 mile 'barn find' 1956 Porsche Speedster 1600 for six-figure money- Did they restore it to it's former pristine splendor? Nope..... they kept it original !
In this new found Culture, Classic Dreamcars is there to share with you & appreciate these old lucky devils for what they are- as they sit- bodies left-to-rust...... Old School Hot Rods built with junkyard parts - extreme for patina. Folks in California, and beyond, call 'em 'Rusto-Rods', 'Rats' or, twisted 'Rat Rods'... those have now evolved  into a new term called "Patina Rods". What we found in our research is this new phenomenon is divided into two parts-

Original and Faux.

It probably started as far back as Robert Williams II of New Mexico (Artist for Ed "Big Daddy" Roth)  who built a 1932 Ford Roadster with final coat of Primer, or it might have been  Rod & Kustoms feature story on "Beater Rods" in 1972 or, when Eastwood & Barakat created a 1932 Tudor 'Beater Rod' for the Show Circuit in Nov. 1982. This Rod was recognized years later, by the folks at Ford Motor Co. , embracing it as "One of The Top 75 Deuce's of All Time". Hot Rod Magazine has also recognized Patina Rods by writing up 'The Budget Beater' in the 1996 Jan-April issue, as well as others like, Gray Baskerville ( writer: Rod & Custom / Hot Rod Magazine- Father of Primer Hot Rods) who drove one to work for 20+, this is not a 'New' Trend. Even more recently, Jon Ward with ICON created a 52 Chevy Derelict Show car for the 2011 SEMA Show And, get this..... one was recently invited to the famous Roadster Show in Oakland but, was turned away at the gate, in the rain, by mistake so, despite the fact the Old Purists are having trouble dealing with the 'ugly child', get used to it's a trend that's here to stay.

Not every Tom, Dick & Harry's taste but, there is a growing number of folks who are working hard to make their beautifully restored, finished Rods look like a well-worn pair of Levis or a junkyard treasure?...even down to bird, or pigeon-poop, on the fender. Those are called: faux patina Rods. "Patina" was originally described  the corrosion suffered by  Copper or Bronze that ages to a beautiful green /brown  through the reaction of sulfur /phosphorous in the atmosphere vs. the elements. It can take 5 years, to Centuries curing, depending on climate.  Patina on Hot Rod fenders can also take Centuries and has to be respected like a 100 year old Grandfather. With age, paint starts to flake and peel....and, the rust worms become it's friend. The 'Faux" Patina Rods are skillfully created by true Artisans skilled in the use of certain materials and paints. Add a new frame, suspension, and refurbished V8 to the package (original "Flatty"/ Flathead or Small Block) and you can picture that Bad Boy smoking tires down the street engaging shaking heads, and looks of hate from the neighbors. Dressed in dull grey or black they became known as a "Rat Rods" but, showing it's original paint and patina they have acquired a new description. These gnarly Rods don't have time for fancy cars shows or Grade School 'show and tell time'- they are made to go fast, begging to be driven.

Hopefully, we've seen the Recession in our rearview mirror but, these old rods don't have to "Rust In Peace"...they can be revived commemorating what we suffered through. It's a new phenomenon called "Patina Rods".

Bragging rights: This Truck was featured in Ol Skool Rodz Magazine "Ford Rocker Rumble". If you don't like attention, then don't consider a Patina Rod because you'll not only be the Hit of the Car Show, or Cruise-In but, King Of The Road, as well.  Patina Rod's outshine everything on the Highway and, in the process,  define the word "BadAssitude"!

* some of these props are not included in the sale