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The Chrysler HEMI is considered One of The Pivotal Muscle Cars of the Era. The B-Body '69 Plymouth GTX was Plymouth's First 'Purpose Built' Supercar. Built on the 116" wheelbase Belvedere/ Satellite it was offered in a Convertible or 2-Door Coupe format. Designed as an "Executive Hot Rod" it was considered plush by Mopar Standards (especially against the austere Road Runner). It could be driven like a slot car in traffic yet, had plenty of power on reserve. Production in 1969 was just 15,602 but, only 209 were Hemi's and of those, only 70 were 4-speeds (Chrysler dropped the Hemi from production in 1971). They will always be considered The Horse Power 'King of The Pack' in Classic Cars. This is the exact reason this car was transformed from a 440 /375 hp to a New 426 Hemi Motor. Despite the fact all the Numbers Matched on this car (proven orig. Car vs. Build Sheet & Fender Tag) the owner chose to set aside his matching Govier Report and drop in a 'new' 2009 Hemi (a deal was $18,247+). These were offered by Mopar Performance, for the first time -over-the-counter, in late 2008. Showing, just 37, 075 miles, this car is a Nut & Bolt / Rotisserie Restoration with, yet another, $24,530.08 spent on recent upgrades (ie. new Hemi motor- factory accessories). It has a pristine, detailed Motor Cavity, Paintwork, Undercarriage, and New Suspension (with strict attention to every Factory detail) yet, it takes advantage of a "touch" of Modern Technology & Dependability ( ie: Modern Hydraulic vs. Solid Lifters, hardened valve seats, elimination of frequent tune-ups, etc). Professionally built in Wisconsin, it's a otherwise matching number Series E / St. Louis MO. built car that is finished in correct, original "Saddle Bronze Poly" (originally named "Catch Me Copper" until nixed by Chrysler exec's). The owner decided to retain it's pristine, original Matching 'Saddle' Interior (matching seatbelts)& Bucket Seats. Equipped with a A833 4-Speed & Hurst linkage, H.D. 26" Radiator 'Max Cool' Package w/ orig. Stone Shield, Woodgrain Console, Functional Air Grabber Hood, original Hemi 2-4v Intake, Mopar Electronic Ignition, and even Factory Hemi Cast Iron Exhaust Manifolds, this car was built as The Ultimate Driving Machine! It even has The Optional Instrument Cluster w/ Factory Tachometer and 150 m.p.h Speedo, 3-Spd. Wipers (all working), and the correct Sure-Grip Dana 3:54 High-Performance Rear Gears. Plus, it carries the original optional Heavy-Duty 'Hemi Firm Ride' Suspension, Hi-Torque Starter, Flowmaster Mufflers w/ 2.5" Exhaust, Tinted Glass, Original Redline Spare Tire ( compl. w/ orig. Jack & Lug Wrench), Front & Rear Drum Brakes, Power Steering, H.D. 'Ram Tough' Power-Lock Clutch, Original 'working' AM Radio, Heavy Duty Radiator /Shroud, Wider-than-Stock "Police/ Slotted" Hemi Rally Wheels / Dogdish Hubcaps, Orig. Bucket Seats w/ Headrests, Outside Mirror, and the Optional 2-part Chrome & Stainless Package....all pristine.
Driving this GTX will
"blow You away". Even 'Car and Driver' Magazine originally raved, upon the showroom release: "A Heavy Duty Set-Up plus excellent geometry designed to keep the front wheels at right angles to the road surface, and keep the tires in firm contact with the ground at all times". Now, you can re-live the experience all over again: Its' all about Pure Performance with this outrageous engine/transmission/rear combination!   N.A.D.A. Classic Book value is $134,400+ options for the original 'Real Deal' but, this breathtaking tribute can be in your garage: Just Reduced to $65,500 FIRM . ['Test Drive' Requires Contract & Deposit]  SORRY, YOU MISSED PROBABLY THE NICEST 69 GTX 'RESTO-MOD' IN THE COUNTRY~ SOLD

The Story:

"One Step For Man...One Giant Step for... Woodstock". That kind of 'says it all' for 1969! The two biggest events of the Year were Neil Armstrong Landing on The Moon and 'The Woodstock Music & Art Festival'. The Lunar Landing wasn't exactly Small Potatoes even with The Space Race well underway but, the Festival was just as memorable.... not only for it's Music but, the fact over 100,000 people survived a mini-disaster of torrential rain/mud, lack of: food /shelter, and worse yet, bathrooms to groove-on a true, laid back, Peace and Love Experience. The most radical incident came when Pete Townsend kicked 'hot shot' Abbie Hoffman off the Stage during ''The Who's" music set and the emergency Stage Announcement that ".....the brown hash circulating now... is not too good". Despite all the hoopla about the Hippie drug culture running rampant and 'radical revolutionaries', only one death from drug overdose took place, with another by Tractor accident. Despite the fact current Rock Idol's like 'The Rascals', and 'Tommy James & The Shondells' turned down appearances at Woodstock... talented Rock LegendsToo Be, like 'Janis Joplin', 'The Jefferson Airplane', 'Jim Hendrix', 'Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young', 'Joe Cocker', 'Joan Baez', 'Joni Mitchell', '10 Years After', 'The Who', 'Sly & The Family Stone', 'Santana', 'Richie Havens' and 'Country Joe & The Fish' all had their careers bolstered by their appearances there. Remember "Moog Synthesizer Machines"? 1969 was The Year of The Moog. Though long in his grave, Johann Sebastian Bach made the Top 10 Hits that year with "Switched On Bach" by Walter Carlos. That #1 song caused a flood of Moog by artists like Martin Denny "Exotic Moog", Marty Gold "Moog Plays the Beatles" and Moog Machines "Switched-On Rock" all of which buzzed across the airwaves....even on Top 40 Radio.
Just about the time you thought you saw the last of the blood curdling, ukulele performance by "Tiny Tim" and "Tip-Toe through the Tulips", his surreal, televised wedding to 'Miss Vicky' took place on Johnny Carson's TV Show that very year. Speaking of: Television premiered new Medical shows like "Marcus Welby MD" (Robert Young) and "Medical Center" with Chad Everett. If you had children then you might remember that "Sesame Street" debuted with
'Big Bird' and 'Oscar' being the featured players. Top singles that year were "The Fifth Dimension's "Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In", The Beatles "Get Back", The Archies with "Sugar, Sugar", and Sly & the Family Stone(d) with "Everyday People". You weren't 'cooool' unless you took your date to see the debut of Jack Nicholson /Dennis Hopper & Peter Fonda at your local 2nd rate Movie House to watch "Easy Rider", a low-budget film (~ Rednecks-1 vs. Hippies-0, as the heroes all die). Other memorable movies were "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid", and X-Rated (yes, 'X' in the new Hollywood rating system) "Midnight Cowboy" (a tale of friends, drugs, prostitution & con men- the ONLY X-Rated Movie to win Best Picture- ever) "Wild Bunch" (a bloody Western) and "Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice" (wife swapping) all were lucrative Box Office Hits... Back in 1969, Listeners were converting from AM 'Bubble-Gum' Radio to Progressive Rock FM and your taste could run the gamut in one day  ( due to lack of FM radios in cars) from "The Carpenter's" to "Led Zeppelin", "Blood Sweat & Tears" to "Canned Heat".
By July 1969, 814 troops left Vietnam and the
Beginning of the End of the War was at hand.

Here in America, you relieved the day's tension by revving your engine to 5,000 rpm, 'popping the clutch' and leaving rubber the length of your street in.... your street Hemi.